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Photos by Hilary Eyestone

About Us

Clod survived the late 60s and 70s by confiding in detailed diaries about her angst, her wacky experiences and boys, boys, boys.  Mostly foolish and self-deprecating, sometimes sad and desperate, always honest and authentic, her words were written by her for her.  Clod was her own best audience and she cracked herself up.

The decades flashed by and though she’d sometimes return to the 70s for reference (or more likely, for laughs), Clod wondered what to do with the dozens of notebooks, letters and personal memorabilia spilling out of her closets.

One day on a whim, she messaged me some random tidbits and quotes from her diaries.  As her daughter I wanted to know more about these tales and I peppered Clod with questions.  At first reluctant, eventually she started sharing more and more details of her crazy adventures.

I share my mother’s off-beat humor and I love to regale people with stories about my mother and about my own quirky experiences.

In the late 60s, Clod filmed her first Super 8 movie and for the next several decades, she captured our family and friends (and herself) in lighthearted and celebratory moments.  This inspired me to become a photographer and a Super 8 filmmaker.

Clod and I also share a love of thrifting, a passion passed on to me during childhood weekends scouring Maine yard sales and resale shops, long before it was cool to deck out your kid’s bedroom in funny furniture or to clothe her in worn-out shoes and mismatched outfits.

When it comes to fashion sense, Clod has none, while fashion is my passion. One of my dreams is to style my mom as Diane Keaton: big hats, SOMETHING glasses and black turtlenecks.  One of Clod’s dreams is simply to meet Diane Keaton – and maybe regale the actress with a tale or two, straight from her vintage diaries.

Almost every day, Clod and I have a tale or tidbit we can’t wait to share with one another.  Now thanks to My Mother’s Diaries – the podcast, the blog, the photographs, the Super 8 movies and the videos – Clod and I look forward to sharing our joy and humor with you.


My memory of him will linger on because he gave me my first kiss in a bathroom.  (August 20, 1968)

My shell got wet and my falsies were showing. (August 27, 1968)

The movie ended and we all climbed back in the VW and that Kirk got beside me and put his arm around me. (August 23, 1969)

Then he said I paid $1.75 for you to go to the drive-in and you won't even kiss me. (May 26,1971)

Holy God. What have I gotten myself into this time? (September 1, 1971)

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